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The Night Fairy


Author: Laura Amy Schlitz

Age Range: 7-11 (publisher info)

Interest Range: 7-10 (possibly older if an individual really interested in fairies)

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: Flory is a night fairy, but after an accidental run-in with a bat she loses her wings and is stranded in a human’s garden. Partly because of her new fear of bats and partly because of the beautiful flowers that surround her, Flory decides to become a day fairy. She enjoys the colors and the life that exists during the day and explores her new world, making friends with a squirrel, who she names Skuggle, so she can get around easier. Eventually, Flora discovers hummingbirds and decides that she wants to tame one to use as her own. Flora’s adventures in the garden are how she learns about the world around her. She discovers spells and makes a new life for herself as a day fairy. But when she learns the truth about the accident that took her wings, Flory will have a very important choice to make.

Review: Flory is a young fairy who has not learned manners and is still discovering her powers and abilities. In that way, she may be a good character for children to read about. She is often rude, although she does not know what rudeness is so the only way it is punished is that she might not get what she wants. She is left alone and has to fend for herself, and does so rather successfully. She also is faced with potentially dangerous situations (pretty much everything is dangerous when you’re only two acorns tall) and has to work her way out of them. I was not terribly fond of this story. It seemed very basic and straightforward, and Flory’s rudeness and desire to control things was a big turn-off for me. For a reader who needs a simple story to follow, this would be a good choice.

Themes: Coming of age, Making new friends

Additional Info:

This author previously won the Newberry Award in 2008 for her nonfiction title Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices From A Medieval Village.

Main Character:

Flory: A very young fairy who has lost her wings and is left to fend for herself. She is of the night, but decides to live during the day even though it is against her nature. Flory is quick to learn how to survive and easily makes a home for herself in a birdhouse supplied unknowingly by the human who’s garden she is now inhabiting. Flory is often rude and does not like to do anything that will not get her something in return.

Bibliographic Info:

Schlitz, L. A. (2010). The Night Fairy. Somerville, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.


Pretty much everything is dangerous when you’re only two acorns tall. Flory, a young fairy, must learn to survive without her wings.


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